An advanced range of ergonomic multi-functional hand protection that was conceptualised, designed and styled specifically for professionals working in the most challenging situations, conditions and hazardous environments. KARBONHEX developed ‘X3’ a unique three tier classification system to focus and better define the products grip properties, handling performance and general characteristics.

XACT – Precision Handling
XPERT –Professional Handling
XTREME – Challenging Conditions

The KARBONHEX name itself by the way is derived from the combination of “Carbon Fibre” and “Hexagon” – being a high strength to weight ratio material based around a hexagonal structure, natures perfect shape. KARBONHEX is and always will be a work in progress – it’s a living
breathing entity. Constantly expanding and evolving to meet the constant new risks and challenges that confront the hands of working professionals on a daily basis.